About Your Care Provider

I am Sonia Ingles, mother to two grown daughters and five sons, four of whom are school-aged. I have been involved in the care and education of infants, children, and teens since I was a young teenager myself. I have a Master’s Degree in history/social studies, have completed a teacher certification program, and have taught in the public school systems of both Iowa and Washington.

I have worked in a variety of daycare and educational settings, including being responsible for the care and education of the children and youth in my church, from birth to high school graduation, as a former Director of Children and Youth Education. I have substantial experience with evaluating, selecting, developing, and adapting educational curricula and activities for kids of all ages.

I have completed Washington’s 20-hour STARS (State Training and Registry System) training, and the State of Washington requires that I take yearly continuing education courses on topics related to caring for young children. I regularly share the valuable things I learn with the families in my program, but feel free to ask if you have additional questions about my training and background.

Sonia Ingles, owner:

·B.A., M.A.

·State-licensed care provider

·Mother of seven

·Former public school teacher

·Former Sylvan tutor

·Former director of children and youth programs